Available topics for theses

In this page you find a list of potential bachelor and master theses with our research group. These are proposals, but you are more than welcome to come up with your own idea revolving around the research topics of the group. These include intelligent networks, smart sensing, IoT analytics, complex smart systems and smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, cooperative driving, and complex networks analysis.

Experiments with Model Cooperative Driving Cars

Type: Bachelor
Outcomes: Cooperative driving control, network protocol design, data collection and analysis
Background: Python programming, network protocols, code versioning (git),

Rather than a single thesis, this is a group of multiple theses concerned with the development of cooperative driving solutions on a small-scale platform composed of model automated driving cars (see DonkeyCar). A thesis in this topic can include

  • development of a framework to program the behavior of the cars and to collect data
  • the implementation of basic driving algorithms (such as classic Adaptive Cruise Control)
  • the implementation of more advanced cooperative driving algorithms (Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control)
  • the implementation of cooperative manuevers (e.g., cooperative lane change)
  • Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) solutions for cooperative driving
  • data collection, cleaning, and fusion solutions

Cooperative driving maneuvers

Type: Bachelor
Outcomes: Cooperative driving maneuvers, network protocol design, optimization of maneuvers
Background: Programming, network protocols, code versioning (git), mathematical optimization

In this thesis you will develop and study mechanisms to perform cooperative maneuvers between vehicles, e.g., cooperative lane changes. The thesis includes a modeling part, where the problem is mathematically formalized, and an implementative part, where the solution will be implemented and tested within the Plexe simulation framework.